« Don’t Be a Ho-Hum Soul ! »

« Don’t Be a Ho-Hum Soul ! »

A Film by Jean-Claude and Anne Duret

Saint Elizabeth of the Trinity was canonized on October 16, 2016.

Longtime overshadowed by the impact of Saint Teresa of Lisieux, her contemporary and sister in Carmel, this young Carmelite from Dijon offers a spiritual treasure today to all seekers of God, both young and not so young. Her personal journey and the resulting doctrine resulting are a precious guide through the meanderings of the interior life

Elizabeth offers us an interior path- ‘a simple and loving’ movement-all the while avoiding the traps of introspection.

Born in 1880, Elizabeth died at the age of 26 years old. Very early on, she was aware of the presence of the three persons of the Trinity deep within her soul. During her short existence on earth, she would live out with a lot of freshness and simplicity, a profound and intimate life with ‘God who is love and who loves us so much.’ What she experienced in the silence of the ‘heaven of her soul,’ in the midst of daily life and again later in Carmel, concerns every Christian, whether living in the world or in a monastery.

This documentary gives food for thought on the place of the Saints and the tangible aid they can bring us on our spiritual journey :

-What is a Saint ? : Why and how does a canonization happen ? Is Elizabeth a role model to imitate or simply a spiritual compagnon ?

-How can her spiritual path help us in everyday life ? What does she have to say about happiness ? How to avoid being a ho-hum soul ? How to live with suffering ?

This documentary evokes a fervent desire to journey with Elizabeth on this simple and true interior path that our modern world has such a thirst for.

Contributors : Monsignor Minnerath, Archbishop of Dijon ; Sisters Claire-Marie, Lucie and Benedicte from the Carmel of Flavignerot ; Father Sangalli, Vice-Postulator of the Case for Canonization ; Father Card and Father Fevotte from the Diocese of Dijon ; Fleur Nabert, sculptor of the statue of Elizabeth ; Marie-Paul Stevens who was miraculously healed.

Technical characteristics :

DVD Configuration- Screen Format : 16/9

Colors- Duration : 52 minutes – Video Standard-Format PAL

Language : French

Subtitles : English-German-Spanish-Italian-Polish-Portugais-Swedish


« Always believe in Love and Sing thanks »

In addition to the film, Marie-Paul Stevens, gives the testimony of both her healing and of her friendship with Saint Elizabeth of the Trinity.       Duration : 45 minutes


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